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Murfreesboro Estate Planning Lawyer

Preparing for the Future

It is vital that each adult in the U.S. create some form of an estate plan, sooner rather than later, whether this is through drafting a will, trust or thinking ahead in regards to taxes. With the help of a proficient estate planning attorney, the complicated process can be greatly simplified, allowing you to protect your assets. Whether people realize it or not, every person has an estate of some kind. This can include your home, vehicles, furniture, savings and checking accounts, life insurance, any investments made and any other property you own.

When you pass on, we realize that you most likely would like to control what happens to your possessions and after you are gone. By looking ahead and preparing for the future, you can help to determine where your assets are distributed and when others will receive them, instead of leaving it up to the court to decide. If you wait, your family will have to deal with the probate process without any knowledge of your wishes regarding your estate and it can be a much more complex issue.

What are the benefits of estate planning?

People may assume that estate planning is really unnecessary and expensive when in actuality it is a smart choice for all adults. Not only does it allow you to have a direct say, but it can also allow for the following:

  • Reduced Estate Taxes: By gifting certain pieces of your estate through trusts, stocks, or charitable donations, it can greatly decrease the overall value of your estate upon your passing. This creates fewer taxes overall as the assets that have been gifted are not included as part of the estate itself.
  • Forming a Legacy: You can create different forms of trusts to not only minimize estate taxes but also to create a financial legacy for your family. If you prefer, you can also set up a trust to benefit a certain trust or other foundation that will be an investment for them for years in the future.
  • Keeping Your Assets Safe: When creating an estate plan, you can protect your assets from future lawsuits or any divorce actions by creating an estate plan. This greatly depends upon the estate plan that you create. Speaking with a lawyer can significantly help you as you seek to understand your best options.

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At the LaRoche Law Office, you can expect to be valued as more than just another client, but as a person that I can work with to create a solution that is perfect for you. My firm's goal is to provide you with a personal touch throughout the entire legal process, always looking closely at details to get you the results you need. We are an intimate firm and I aim to always let my clients know that their success is my greatest reward. Fill out the case evaluation form today to learn more how a probate attorney at my firm can best be of assistance to you whether you live in Murfreesboro or anywhere else in Rutherford County!

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